Improve Aircraft Availability

The longer your aircraft are on the ground for maintenance, the more it costs your airline. SynapseMX is designed from the start to help your team stay coordinated so that aircraft are out of service for as short of a time as possible!

Better Team Communications

You can't make good business decisions with stale data. SynapseMX is 100% real-time — the only way to get more current data is to be the mechanic on the aircraft!

Operate Compliant Aircraft

Let's face it — you need to operate safe, compliant aircraft. Regulators demand it, and the media will have a field day if a finding is discovered. It's hard enough to be competitive without dealing with credibility issues and damage to the brand.

Any device. Really.

No 'fat clients.' No remote desktops. No desktop at all, actually. If your device can get on the Internet, you can use it with SynapseMX.

Actionable alerts.

There's no sifting through the noise to find your tasks. We push alerts to you, however you prefer: in-app, SMS, or email.

Better communication.

NO MORE PHONE TAG. Or emails, faxes, or post-it notes, for that matter. Need to see what the team's been doing? We've got you covered.

Work anywhere.

Need to approve an engineering revision on the move? No problem - you can leave the laptop in the bag.


We'll help you switch to electronic work packages. Go ahead, save some trees and ditch that fax machine.

Know everything.

Never be surprised by an unexpected development during a meeting again.

Incredibly powerful and yet surprisingly easy

SynapseMX doesn't make you hunt for critical information - we'll bring it to you. Not currently logged in? We'll even email or SMS you with important alerts, if you want.

We know how busy things can get, keeping everything airworthy and aircraft generating revenue. We've been there. You won't have to puzzle over what SynapseMX is telling you - it'll be in clear, easy-to-understand language so you can get that plane back in the air.

  • Aircraft grounded notification
  • Aircraft returned to service notification


SynapseMX is modern software designed for today's operations. You don't sit at a desk all day - that's why we support tablet and mobile devices in addition to PCs.

Stop taking extra maintenance delays! Answer a gate call without losing access to historical data. Resolve an AOG problem when you're out to lunch.

SynapseMX was built for your real-world problems.

Have you seen enough yet?


We're people that bleed aviation, JUST LIKE YOU. We know aircraft - and more specifically, aircraft maintenance.

Shane Ballman

Shane Ballman ran the Maintenance Technology group for AirTran, building better tools so that people could get their work done with less struggle. In fact, an audit of the airline by the US DOD resulted in a compliment about his industry-leading technology and the high degree of functionality it provided.

Katerina Barilov

Katerina Barilov comes from the financial side of aviation, working for firms such as Goldman Sachs and Hawker Beechcraft. She also knows the joys of maintenance headaches directly as an aircraft owner.

Michael Drew

Michael Drew came up through the ranks the old school way - he started out as a mechanic on the line, rose through the ranks to become the Director of Quality & Reliability at AirTran, and then jumped the fence to work for the FAA at their Southern Regional Headquarters.

Joe Dursun

Joe Dursun is a software development phenom who comes from a family of pilots and aircraft technicians. Whether it's airplanes or code, he lives to ship to the cloud.

Brian Daley

Brian Daley has been managing aircraft records regulatory compliance for decades - first with carriers like DHL and AirTran, as well as managing teams for Spirit, Southwest, and Delta.

Kasey Dixon

Kasey Dixon started her aviation career in the US Army, maintaining Apache AH-64 helicopters during her time in service. She holds an A&P license along with a private pilot's license, and is happy to "get into the weeds" and talk shop.

People have been saying some really nice things about us

"I never thought I'd say this - creating task cards looks like fun!"- M&E Manager @ Southwest Airlines

"There's literally nothing like this on the market today."- Assistant Principal Maintenance Inspector @ FAA

"Easy, innovative, & reliable technology to manage aircraft technical operations."- Managing Director @ AZi Solutions

"A seamless flow of information..."- Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance

"Streamline the business, make procedures more efficient, and deliver reduced costs..."- Low-Fare & Regional Aircraft

"Connects aircraft maintenance departments and creates an easier flow of information."- Hypepotamus

Ready to SUPERCHARGE your maintenance team?